Our program

Lafayette Plug and Play offers a 3-month acceleration program focused on business development during which startups boost sales opportunities with top retailers, brands & e-merchants, gain outstanding exposure among the global retail industry, and scale faster with our 24 international locations.

The program is completely equity and charge free for startups, and some teams will be hosted in the Lafayette Plug and Play acceleration space for the entire duration of the program. The batch will be composed of two different categories :

Early track startups
(first MVP deployable, looking for clients)
Late track startups
(well funded startups looking for growth)

What we are looking for

Blockchain, AI, AR/VR, 3D, Computer Vision, NLP, Voice interface, Edge computing...

In-store experience
Analytics, queuing, POS software, payments, indoor mapping, Inventory management & Supply Chain, IoT, customer loyalty, employee tools, dynamic advertising, robotics etc.
Conversational commerce, image processing, visual search, web profiling, voice recognition, customer experience & personalization, advertising / marketing tech etc.
Fashion tech
Connected clothes, new materials, smart sizing, customisation, PLM etc.

Applicants profiles

B2B tech startups, no brands, no marketplaces
At least a MVP and initial traction with clients/pilots
Stage agnostic
(some of our startups have raised $100M+ and have 50+ employees)
(50% of our applicants are non-french)

Early track

You are looking specifically for:

Pilots or customers, raising your pre-seed / seed/ series A, strategic partners, help from top experts, expanding your network, an office space in a retail ecosystem, and more...

Decision-makers HQ relocated at LPnP in Paris, full involvement in the program, full involvment with your peers
A BtoB company with international ambition, at least a functional MVP, an established team

Late track

You are looking specifically for

Penetrating the French/European market and beyond, finding strategic partners, boosting your traction, raising your Series B+, adjusting your sales process and more...

Key decisions makers or VP levels relocated at LPnP in Paris, part time presence at LPnP, bring your specific expertise to the LPnP ecosystem
A BtoB company with international ambition, strong traction, mature team (+10 people), well-funded

Boost sales opportunities with top retailers, brands & e-merchants

Gain outstanding exposure to the global retail industry

Scale faster with our 24 international locations