Our approach

LPnP Venture is the French retail arm of Plug and Play Ventures USA, the most active VC in the world
  • We are a joint-venture between Plug and Play Tech Center & Galeries Lafayette Group
  • We have one foot in Silicon Valley and the other one in Paris
  • Retail tech is our DNA
  • We invest in at least 30% of the companies accelerated
  • We also invest in startups outside our batches
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Investment Scope

LPnP Venture is looking for startups challenging the retail status quo.
Tech-addicts, Unconventional teams, Disruptors
Ticket size
€25k to €150k
Equity Target
< 5%
Maturity stage
Pre-seed to Series A
Anytime (outside or within investment rounds)
Sectors of interest
All tech disruptors (blockchain, AI, Computer vision, etc...) across the retail value chain (payment, supply instore...)

What do we bring

LPnP Venture is a Strategic Business Partner.
We bring Smart Money :
We help you scale internationally by giving you access to Plug and Play worldwide network (28 locations)
We bring business throughout the lifecycle of our portfolio companies by introducing you to all our partners & inviting you to business meetings all year long (300+ corporate partners globally)
We help you in your fundraising efforts by showcasing you to our extended international network of BAs & VCs
We put you at the forefront of the ecosystem by giving you outstanding media exposure.
We are fast, our investment model is efficient as we understand that operating your business should be your number 1 priority.


January 2018
July 2018
August 2018
January 2019


Startups testimonials
Roy Moussa - Qopius
«We are happy to have LPnP Venture amongst our partners. The Plug and Play global network and the introductions to their corporates partners provided invaluable help to Qopius. Our recent participation to the Brand&Retail program in the Silicon Valley allowed us to meet leading US retailers in a privileged way.»
Clément Berger-Lefranc - Ownest
«When I needed capital to help the company scale, I went directly to LPnP Venture. Our collaboration during the program had been so useful to shape our company that I wanted to keep them as a partner on the long-term.»
Eliott Jabès - Stockly
«I don’t see LPnP as a VC, but more as a super-hero business angel. Their network of corporate partners and mentors brought Stockly to the next level. They help us meet new clients and connect to the right people.»
Benoît Gagnon - Miuros
"LPnP is not just an investor but a true long term partner. As we expand our activity internationally, the whole LPnP team is very reactive and open doors within its ecosystem to support us and successfully develop our business."